“I’m a Treasure!” Boxes

posted: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Grade 2 students added self-portraits prints, mini sculptures and special items to create their own treasure boxes.
The students started this project by painting their box with their favourite metallic paint. They then used the self-portrait they drew for the faces of Junior School, to help them create their self-portrait.  Students then glued a felt layer inside their treasure boxes.

Once the boxes were prepared, students began to add special items. One of the items was a mini sculpture that was symbolic of an aspect of their personality. Another item that was added was a card with one word that described them written on it with a fancy pen. Students also brought an object from home that was special to them to add to their box.

To complete the collection, classroom teachers presented each student with a diamond jewel to show them that they are valued. In art class they also received a paint brush to represent that everyone is an artist.