SJR Students Debate Their Way to Success

posted: Tuesday, December 6,  2016

Last week, SJR students took part in the Rupert’s Land Debating and Public Speaking Tournament which was held at Balmoral Hall School. SJR students did very well, winning top school.

  • The top three individuals overall; 1st Liam (Grade 11), 2nd Sukhcharhat (Grade 11), 3rd Katherine (Grade 12).

  • Top two debaters  were 1st Liam and 2nd Sukhcharhat

  • Top persuasive speaker Liam, Sukhcharhat  placed 3rd and Miray (Grade 10) in persuasive speaking.

  • Katherine placed 1st, Raff (Grade 12) was 4th and Stefan (Grade 12) placed 5th in Impromptu Speaking.