• Life at SJR

    Established in 1820, SJR has a long tradition of academic and co-curricular excellence, paving the way for the graduates of today and tomorrow. All students find themselves engaged in a challenging and diverse environment aimed at developing their communication skills, immersing them in a wealth of co-curricular, community service and leadership activities and preparing them for university and beyond.

  • Academics

    At SJR, we strive to attain the highest standards of academic programming. Our diverse curriculum challenges students to develop both their scholastic knowledge and ability to respond to and surmount difficulty. Our students consistently rise to and surpass the bar we set, earning university credits in Advanced Placement courses and ranking nationally in mathematics and science competitions.

  • Boarding

    Our boarding program offers an experience like no other. With students from across Canada and around the world, you will quickly develop friendships that last a lifetime in a fun, active environment where academic performance and character development thrive. We offer you the best of both worlds: a quiet beautiful setting and access to everything a city has to offer. Boarding at SJR is open to boys and girls in Grades 8 – 12.

  • Athletics

    We believe an active and healthy lifestyle is as an essential component of a student’s education. Through athletics, students build strong bodies and character as they learn valuable lessons about leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship. They begin to develop and trust their abilities, to think on their feet, and to understand the ways in which physical fitness is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Debating

    Over the last 28 years, SJR students have been named World Debating Champion on 14 occasions. The world class Public Speaking and Debating program at SJR is an integral part of our academic programs. Beginning in Kindergarten, students are introduced to various forms of debating and public speaking including parliamentary debate, prepared and impromptu debate, as well as prepared and impromptu speaking. Students of all skill levels travel across the country and the world competing.

  • Creative Expression

    Creative expression at St. John’s-Ravenscourt School is embedded in all work done within the Arts curriculum and co-curricular activities. Each year, Visual Artists hone their craft in Art Club or in Studio sessions, the Drama department mounts a number of productions, and the school bands show case their talent at competitions, events and concerts. The school also has Junior School choirs, a creative writing club, a literary magazine (iBid), a radio station, Arts trips, and an annual Rock Show.

  • Drama

    The drama program provides students with an opportunity for self-development and for the development of an understanding of the aesthetics of theatre. Students are involved in activities that require an understanding of themselves and of others. As students progress, they are provided with opportunities to design and direct plays as well as perform in them.

  • Art

    Art is a process rather than a destination. The final product provides something to share, but the creative process, the exploration of art in a context, the value of the artistic experience are what drive this program. Students explore a variety of mediums, art materials and techniques in order to find a voice through their creation. They gain experience applying the elements of art and principles of design as they bring their artistic vision to life.

  • Music and Choir

    The music program at SJR will provide the fundamentals and concepts needed to showcase your skills. Whether it is a concert or a competition, the true beauty lies in the performance. Every opportunity to share all the hard work is a gift.

  • Creative Writing

    Whether you are inspired by the mastery of Shakespeare, the narrative of Victor Hugo or the imagination of J.K. Rowling, to be a writer one must write. At SJR, budding authors, essayists and reporters discover a myriad of publications to showcase their talents. So grab a pen and paper, a laptop or even a typewriter and weave your prose for all to share.