About Middle School

Welcome to Middle School, Grades 6 to 8, three of the most important years of education. It’s a time to build on all the skills, knowledge and excitement of the early years and help pave the path to Senior School, graduation and beyond!

We see students’ potential and help challenge and engage budding minds into academic inquiry, creativity and activity. Now’s the time to focus your energy and figure out your strengths, interests and ambitions – all within the friendly, collaborative community of SJR’s Middle School!



The Middle School timetable is full of exciting and challenging courses, from Visual Arts, Public Speaking and Drama to Science, French and even Accelerated Mathematics for some students! 

Our teachers help develop all those important study skills so that students can successfully reach their potential. Guidance and mentoring is on hand from each student’s assigned Advisor, as well as our established Learning and Language Support Programs. 

1-to-1 Computing

All Middle School students take part in the 1-to-1 computing program by bringing their own computing device to School. This program opens up a whole world of possibilities for students to discover new resources, build their knowledge and develop their critical thinking and curiosity!



Our Philosophy

  • High expectations for all students.

  • A friendly and collaborative approach to others.

  • A sense of purpose and pride in oneself.

  • A commitment to fostering academic and personal growth.

All members of the Middle School community share a common goal: academic and personal success for each student in Middle School.



In Middle School, we know how important it is to find a balance between curricular and co-curricular activities – we want our students to be well-rounded, active and compassionate. Here are some of the exciting ways we make this happen:

Activity Day

Twice a year, we make time for our much loved ‘Activity Days’. Students enjoy a full day of something completely different, from snow-sculpting, wilderness trekking or movie-making to fencing, martial arts and winter camping! It’s a time of the year that everyone looks forward to!




Athletics & Clubs

There’s a lot to be excited about in the Middle School co-curricular program. From hockey, basketball, yoga and cross-country skiing to dance, jazz band, robotics and debate, there’s something for everyone to choose! 


Leadership & Volunteering

In Middle School, students have the chance to run for Student Council and elect their own Head Boy and Head Girl. It’s the perfect opportunity to develop those all-important leadership and communication skills.

We also encourage our students to get involved in volunteering in the wider community and help others – social responsibility is one of our core values.