Shifting Perspectives

posted: Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Two groups of Grade 4 students recently hosted an evening of art, learning and fundraising in support of the Winnipeg Humane Society. Throughout the school year, the students focused on the theme of empathy, and explored different perspectives in order to cultivate a stronger sense of understanding of the world around them. 

In an integration of art and social studies, the Grade 4s have been studying the Group of Seven artists, who focused on the various landscapes of Canada. The students created acrylic paintings in class that were inspired by their work. They then chose an artist to research and created thumbnail sketches of some of their paintings. After choosing their favourite painting, they began creating detailed sketches using art pencils and a blending stump to get to know the details in the landscape. They then created design plans that reflected the damage their environmental concern would have on that landscape. Students used acrylic paint to colour their pieces, and then applied images to the surface that helped further convey their concern. They followed the activity by writing reflections that allowed them to evaluate their progress. 

With a focus on the environment and a group in our community whom the students cherish significantly, the animals, the Grade 4 students hoped to raise money for their philanthropy project this year in the benefit of the Winnipeg Humane Society. Students' families were invited to come out to an evening at the School during which they could explore the display of student artwork, entitled Shifting Perspectives: A Changing Canadian Landscape. The Grade 4s also explained the project, with some students giving an introductory speech as to why they chose the Winnipeg Humane Society:

Amira: "Good evening Grade 4 Junior School families! We are thrilled to welcome you to not only celebrate our learning this year, but to unveil our philanthropy project tonight that will be benefitting the Winnipeg Humane Society."

Aryan: "Both Grade 4 classes have been busily working to create works of art inspired by the Group of Seven artists, who are well known for depicting the Canadian landscapes."

Adyson: "In a moment, you will be able to view and have the exclusive opportunity to not only purchase an amazing painting, but to also make a charitable donation to an amazing organization!"

Noah: "You might be asking: Why the Winnipeg Humane Society?"

All: "That's a great question! Let us tell you why!"

Lila: The Winnipeg Humane Society is an amazing place to help animals who have no homes and are abused by heartless people. I am so happy that we have a place to save animals that need help. When I am older, I will only get animals from the Humane Society. People are lucky to have pets, to love them and care for them, but they won't if you don't. Everyone should treat animals the same as people."

Caitlin: "It's important to help the Humane Society because there are so many abused, homeless and scared animals out there, and the Humane Society takes them in, from the smallest bunny to the largest dog, and cares for them with the purest love and greatest care. We chose the Winnipeg Humane Society because we want to help those adorable animals have a home that will care for them with a love that can never be broken, with people that will care for them forever."

Kerra: "It is important to help the Winnipeg Humane Society because everyone needs to help save animals in need. No matter what type of animal they are, every single one deserves a good home and a loving family. No animal should suffer without enough to survive. I chose to support the Humane Society because no animal should ever be left alone."

Alexander: "We chose the Winnipeg Humane Society because we need to feed animals, give them water, and care for them. It's also important because their life is as important as ours. Their life is in our hands and we need to take care of them. Every animal's life is important. We also get something back from them, and that's their love. If the first years of an animal's life are bad, we still have the power to make the rest of their lives awesome. Every cent counts. These animals need our help and hopefully you can give them the help they need. So let's donate and give these animals the best life possible!"

Carter: "You will only have thirty minutes in the gallery, so don't hesitate to make your purchase if you see something you like! You can find Ms. Luchka and Ms. Millo who will be accepting payment and taking tax receipt information."

Noah: "Without further ado, we welcome you to the Grade 4 Gallery in support of the Winnipeg Humane Society!"

After parents had the opportunity to view the art gallery and purchase their child's painting, students in 4LL presented speeches they'd written about an endangered or threatened animal that they'd been studying in their exploration of Manitoba habitats. Students in 4AM spoke about their physical region from the perspective of someone or something that has been deeply affected by the environmental issues faced by their area. They advocated for those who have no voice, and proposed ideas to help make positive changes in our world. After the speeches, parents were able to enjoy the Manitoba Habitat Diorama gallery that showed the students' endangered or threatened animals in their natural habitats. 

The evening was a success all round, with a grand total of $2,805.70 raised to donate to the Winnipeg Humane Society! Thank you to all who came out and supported the students, celebrated their rich learning experience, and contributed to an impressive total that will help make a positive change.