Celebrating the Leaders of Tomorrow

posted: Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Today we celebrate some exciting news: Katherine Burley and Justin Lin (both Grade 12) have been announced as winners of University of Manitoba Leaders of Tomorrow scholarships! 

“Scholarships such as these open many doors to the future for our students,” says University of Manitoba Director of Financial Aid & Awards Jane Lastra. “With the Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships, the university is demonstrating its faith and support in our younger generations to carry on traditions such as leadership, strength, service, and innovation. The scholarships not only provide students with financial awards, which help to reduce possible barriers to their post-secondary success, but also the opportunity to personally grow as young leaders.” 

Only six of these awards were given out to students graduating from high schools within Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. These awards highlight exceptional high school graduates who combine outstanding leadership potential, academic giftedness and continuing community involvement. Both Katherine and Justin will be receiving $16,000 toward their post-secondary education, to be allocated over four years of study. 

“Receiving the Leader of Tomorrow (LOT) Scholarship is extremely exciting for me,” says Katherine. “I devoted a significant amount of time into its application process, so to see those efforts come to the best possible conclusion is really satisfying. Even more important than the monetary value are the connections it has already – and I know will continue to give me. Being a part of a society of like-minded individuals (past and current recipients) who have a drive to succeed academically and also act as leaders in the U of M community is a humbling experience. I am planning on staying in Winnipeg at the U of M and pursuing a degree in Global Political Economy (GPE) in the Faculty of Arts. After that is still a bit of an unknown! But I would like to eventually seek a career in law or economics.” 

Justin says what a great honour it is to receive the Scholarship: “I am humbled to receive this recognition of my hard work over the years. The Leader of Tomorrow interview day in particular was an eye-opening experience for me: I was able to meet and connect with a variety of like-minded individuals, as well as the amazing University of Manitoba staff that were on the selection committee. This scholarship has certainly opened up many possibilities for my future, both academically and as a leader.” 

Congratulations, Katherine and Justin – we can’t wait to see where your studies and hard work will take you in the future!