Engineering the Future at the 2017 Robot Games

posted: Thursday, March 23, 2017

At SJR, we encourage all students to get involved with our diverse co-curricular program to discover and explore their interests and passions. Whether it’s taking part in Athletics or Hockey, performing in music festivals, or fostering a commitment to stewardship through community service, there truly is something here for everyone! 

This past weekend, six students (Gr. 6-11) involved in the Junkyard Robotics Club represented SJR at the 2017 Manitoba Robot Games! The event encourages students to build skills as mechanics, engineers, software designers, makers and technicians, giving them the opportunity to consider turning their skills into a future career. Students were pitted against each other and challenged to design and build robots tasked with races, sumo wrestling, and tractor pulls. 

All our students participated well and represented the School with class. Lucas (Gr. 7), Harrison (Gr. 10), Parasar (Gr. 11) and Ryan (Gr. 10) made the playoff round of 16, while Brayden (Gr. 6), in his first Robot Games, won 3 of 7 matches. Siwei (Gr. 7) won the overall championship for Rookie Sumo, having to go through the B-side bracket and beating the A-side bracket winner twice in order to do so. Congratulations to all!