Taking the Entrepreneurial Spirit to the Finals!

posted: Friday, March 10, 2017

This month, we want to wish the very best of luck to two SJR alumni, Zach Lamothe ’15 and William Liu ’13, who, along with 119 other teams, pitched their startups to world-class judges and mentors, and have made it into the top 40 at McGill University, moving on to the Dobson Cup Finals on March 22! Over $100,000 in seed funding will be awarded to those holding the most promise.

The McGill Dobson Cup is McGill’s flagship annual startup competition. Startups across four tracks – Innovation-Driven Enterprise, Small & Medium Enterprise, Social Enterprise and Health Sciences – will have the opportunity to compete. Both Zach and William, together with teammates, have made it to the finals, during which they will compete against each other, and eight other teams, in the Small & Medium Enterprise track.

In Zach’s case, he’d actually entered the contest last year with the same business concept and a team of five. He and one of his teammates pursued the idea over the course of the year, refined the plan, began developing a website, and came back to the table this year with a more refined product. They are extremely excited to make it to the finals.

Zach’s company, Encorre, is an online marketplace connecting musicians for hire with people hosting events in Toronto and Montreal – expanding soon. They hope to make it easier for amateur musicians to gain traction. William’s company, Apollo, has the potential to increase interactive learning by providing innovative solutions through one-to-one educational services.

We’re wishing the best of luck to both our alumni in the finals later this month, and are excited to see the impact of their innovative ideas!

Zach Lamothe '15, top left, and William Liu '13, bottom right