SJR: Who We Are

St. John’s-Ravenscourt School is an independent co-educational Kindergarten to Grade 12 day and boarding school that prepares students for university and the challenges of the world beyond.

SJR Vision Statement

Strive to excel. Serve with humility. Lead with integrity. Slogan: Strive ~ Serve ~ Lead

SJR Mission Statement

To provide a respectful learning community for our students that inspires academic excellence, creative expression, active healthy living and social responsibility in order to develop compassionate and confident individuals.

SJR Values

SJR values: these are the fundamental beliefs that drive our behaviour
Pursuit of Excellence Breadth of Experience Commitment to Stewardship Influences of the Past and Possibilities of the Future

This means that…


This means that…


This means that…


This means that…


Students strive to fulfill their potential in academics and through our extensive co-curricular program; the faculty develops and all staff support teaching and learning programs that are scholarly and challenging; all members of the community hold themselves to high ethical standards. Students are engaged in a wealth of opportunities in academics, arts, athletics and service; the needs of the whole child, intellectual, social and emotional, are addressed; respect for diversity is fostered throughout our community. We take responsibility for careful management of our resources, of the environment, of the rights and needs of others, locally, nationally and globally; we are dedicated to doing our best to improve ourselves, our School, and our communities. We appreciate the traditions of the School and the contributions of the alumni and all those who have shaped its history; we seek to develop in our students the attributes of global citizens; our graduates embrace a world of change and innovation.





Portrait of an SJR Learner

This SJR ‘learning wheel’ illustrates the knowledge, skills and attributes that we strive to develop for all learners.


Everything flows out from the center of the wheel. The core of our students’ learning is our portrait of a graduate and our vision, mission and values.

The portrait of a graduate describes the type of students and learners that we are striving to develop at SJR. Graduates of St. John's-Ravenscourt School will: 

  • pursue excellence in post-secondary studies and beyond
  • continue to develop creativity, curiosity and critical thinking skills 
  • commit to a lifelong healthy lifestyle 
  • demonstrate concern and compassion through commitment to service in the local and global community
  • distinguish themselves with strong leadership, communication and inter-personal skills
  • approach challenges with confidence, integrity and resilience

At the heart of any school program must be the core skills of literacy and numeracy. These two skills have never really been optional in order to develop fully functioning members of society. However, in our 21st century society—accelerated, media-saturated, and automated—a new literacy is required, one more broadly defined than our ability to read and write, and to understand reasoning and numerical concepts. In order to develop the attributes that are shown in the outer segments of our wheel, SJR students will need highly developed reading, writing and mathematical skills.  

We must also ensure that we develop broader 21st century fluencies that give our learners the skills necessary to be fully functioning members of the workplace now and in the future. These fluencies are broad and by their very nature fluid, but at SJR we are focusing on two areas:

Digital and media fluency

Students who are digitally and media fluent can:


  • use technology and media tools
  • gather relevant information
  • comprehend what they read, view and hear


  • ask good questions
  • gain knowledge and apply it to solve problems
  • contextualize information to understand its value and significance


  • express themselves in multiple modes
  • reach authentic audiences
  • manipulate content and form in relation to purpose and audience


  • think from multiple perspectives
  • predict consequences and use hypothetical reasoning
  • talk about power and responsibility in the practice of communication
  • use social media appropriately and be aware of the risks posed in online environments.

Take Action

  • connect the classroom to the world and develop strong personal learning communities
  • promote leadership and collaboration
  • develop integrity and accountability
  • be good digital citizens who create powerful and appropriate digital footprints

Financial and Entrepreneurial fluency

Students who are fluent in this area:

  • understand how to manage their personal finances and know how to make appropriate personal economic choices
  • understand the role of the economy and business in society
  • develop appropriate entrepreneurial skills to enhance their workplace productivity and career options

At SJR we are looking to develop six skills within our program that will prepare students for the challenges of university and the world of work. These are referred to as the “six Cs and are based on the skills highlighted in the work of the P21 – Partnership for 21st Century Learning.

Our ‘6 Cs’ are:

Creativity and innovation

Students will:

  • use a wide range of idea creation techniques
  • demonstrate originality and inventiveness
  • elaborate, refine, analyze and evaluate their own ideas and be able to implement them
  • work creatively with others
  • communicate new ideas to others effectively
  • be open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives; incorporate group input
  • view failure as an opportunity to learn

Critical thinking and problem solving

Students will:

  • reason and think effectively
  • analyze how parts of a whole interact with each other in complex systems
  • effectively analyze and evaluate evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs
  • interpret information and draw conclusions based on the best analysis
  • reflect critically on learning experiences and processes
  • solve problems
  • solve different kinds of non-familiar problems in both conventional and innovative ways
  • identify and ask significant questions that clarify various points of view and lead to better solutions


Students will:

  • articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and non-verbal communication skills
  • have a high level of emotional intelligence
  • be able to listen effectively
  • use communication to inform, instruct, motivate and persuade
  • communicate effectively in diverse environments


Students will:

  • be able to contribute effectively in a team environment
  • demonstrate ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams
  • exercise flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal
  • assume shared responsibility for collaborative work, and value the individual contributions made by each team member


Students will:

  • have a strong moral compass
  • act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind
  • demonstrate integrity and ethical decision-making skills
  • be comfortable taking informed risks
  • show grit, resilience and perseverance
  • be able to guide, influence and lead others
  • leverage strengths of others to accomplish a common goal
  • inspire others to reach their very best via example and selflessness 


Students will:

  • work effectively in a climate of ambiguity and changing priorities
  • adapt to varied roles, responsibilities, schedules and contexts
  • be flexible
  • deal positively with praise, setbacks and criticism
  • understand healthy habits of living: physical, mental, social and emotional wellness

On the edge of our wheel are attributes that are fundamental to our vision, mission and values and have always been at the core of the SJR’s provision.


Leadership is one of the core attributes within the Portrait of a Graduate, and is an integral part of our vision statement.  SJRs school wide approach to student leadership is to develop leaders who exhibit strong values and are morally grounded. Our leaders will:

  • use their values, principles and beliefs to ignite the potential in those around them. Their behaviours are rooted in moral and ethical foundations.
  • understand who they are and what matters most to them
  • be willing to look within themselves through regular self-reflection and strive for greater self-awareness

Service learning and global awareness

Our Portrait of a Graduate states that students should demonstrate concern and compassion through commitment to service in the local and global communities. The school will:

  • provide a community service program in each division is embedded in the program (service learning).
  • create a curriculum that includes a significant global perspective
  • ensure opportunities exist for service and travel, both locally and internationally
  • foster character, integrity and ethical decision-making through the curriculum, the co-curricular programs and the culture of the School

Physical and emotional well-being

Our Portrait of a Graduate states that students should commit to a lifelong healthy lifestyle. The school will:

  • promote initiatives to help students  achieve physical, mental, social and emotional wellness.



This SJR ‘learning wheel’ illustrates the knowledge, skills and attributes that we strive to develop for all learners.



Portrait of an SJR Graduate

The Portrait of a Graduate describes the type of students and learners that we are striving to develop at SJR. Graduates of St. John's-Ravenscourt School will: 

  • pursue excellence in post-secondary studies and beyond
  • continue to develop creativity, curiosity and critical thinking skills
  • commit to a lifelong healthy lifestyle
  • demonstrate concern and compassion through commitment to service in the local and global community
  • distinguish themselves with strong leadership, communication and inter-personal skills
  • approach challenges with confidence, integrity and resilience

Class of 2016 Graduating Statistics

Below is a list of universities to which our 101 graduates were accepted:

Carleton University
Concordia University
Grand Canyon University
McGill University
McMaster University
Pepperdine University
Queen's University
Royal Military College of Canada
University of British Columbia
University of Calgary
University of Manitoba
University of Pennsylvania
University of Toronto
University of Victoria
University of Waterloo
University of Winnipeg
Western University


Read the biographies of some of our recent SJR graduates to see how they fulfilled their potential:

Grace started at SJR in Grade 5 and was Middle School Head Girl in 2010-2011. Her co-curricular activities include Hold Back the Snow and playing indoor and outdoor Varsity soccer and Varsity volleyball. Grace has been a part of the WSEU premier soccer team, junior Bisons volleyball team from 2008-2013, as well as Forza Volleyball Club from 2014-2015. She has been awarded the Taylor Birt Scholarship, the Evan Dupuis scholarship, and most recently, the Alex Josephson Spirit Award. She was also named an all-star at Varsity Volleyball provincials. Grace has volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club Dinner, Siloam Mission, and Victoria General Hospital. She also raised over $1,000 in the Cancer Care Challenge for Life Walk. Grace plans to attend Dalhousie University and has been accepted in the Faculty of Science. She has been offered an Entrance Scholarship at Dalhousie.

Matthew is an SJR Lifer. His Leadership activities include being Editor-In-Chief of the 2014-2015 ibid., SJR’s literary magazine, Co-Editor of LIVE! In print, our school newspaper, as well as being a member of the Arts Council. Matthew has been on the ibid. editorial team since Grade 7. He has also participated in the Creative Writing Club, Rock Show, Latin Club, Book Club, World Issues Club, Community Service Club, and Reach for the Top. Outside of school, Matthew has participated in Shotokan Karate, piano, voice, and trombone. Some of the many awards Matthew has received are Governor’s Honour Role, Student Publication Awards, Brown Belt in Karate, Citizenship Award, Michael Proudfoot Memorial Scholarship, Florence Adams Computer Prize, Canadian Band Association Certificate of Distinction, and first place for his age group in the Polar Expressions Short Story Contest in Grade 5 for his story ‘Faraway Lands.’ Matthew also received the John A. Messenger Scholarship, the Frederick and Rebecca Johnson Memorial Award and the Wick Sellers Family Scholarship. Matthew’s community service includes Children’s Technology Workshop and Manitoba Band Association Summer Band Camp. Matthew plans to attend the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Engineering. He has been offered the University of Manitoba Queen Elizabeth II Entrance Scholarship, Level 1.

Peter is an SJR Lifer and this past year he was an SJR Debating Executive and Rugby co-captain. His co-curricular activities include debating and rugby. He has also participated in Science Club and Reach for the Top. Outside of SJR, Peter is part of ‘Canada Thinks’ and is on the Canadian National Debate team. Peter has won Pan-American and European Debate championships, and he was a finalist at the World Schools Debate championships. He has also received academic subject prizes. Peter’s community service includes Youth in Philanthropy in Grades 9 and 10, Community Service club, and ‘Canada Thinks.’ Peter plans on studying Economics at Princeton. One day, he hopes to work on Wall Street. He has been offered Entrance Scholarships at a number of Canadian universities, as well as additional scholarships at Queens, McGill, and Yale.

Michael started at SJR in Grade 6. This year he was Co-Leader of the Green Team, and Clubs Editor for the Yearbook. Michael’s co-curricular activities included Yearbook, Community Service Club, Green Team, Jazz Band, Rock Show, and Debating. Outside of SJR, Michael is a chorister with Pembina Trails Voices, a member of Youth Parliament of Manitoba, and an avid reader. His most recent awards include an SJRPA scholarship, private music lesson scholarship, United      Way Community Service Award, and the 2014 Kendra McBain Memorial Scholarship. Michael has done many volunteer projects through Community Service Club, Fort Whyte, and the Youth Parliament of Manitoba. He has also helped to organize the last three National Public Speaking Championships. After taking a year off to travel and work, Michael plans to study Geography at the University of Winnipeg. He has been offered an Entrance Scholarship at the University of Winnipeg.

Carter started at SJR in Grade 3. He has been captain of the SJR A hockey team and has spoken at various environmental conferences on behalf of the Blue Dot program. His co-curricular activities include playing hockey, rugby, and Ultimate. Outside of school, Carter began and runs a lawn and maintenance business at his cottage in Falcon Lake. He also enjoys spending time with some of his buddies on their Spring hockey league. Carter is a Scholar-Athlete, and he has received the Captains Trophy, the Basil Baker Plaque for Most Valuable Player, Darren Johnson’s Sportsman of the Year Award, and the Clara Lander Memorial prize. Carter plans to attend the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. He has been offered an Entrance Scholarship at the University of Manitoba.