Head's Appeal 2016-2017

“I invite you to support this year’s Head’s Appeal. The SJR community is strong. Together we realized the dream of providing outstanding facilities for today’s students and future generations. It is now time to build upon our existing programs and introduce new opportunities that enhance the learning experience for all students. Thank you." 
Jim Keefe, Head of School




Give Today - Head's Appeal 2016-2017

Giving is easy. Below you will find more information about our Head's Appeal giving options. Click below to make your gift.

Our appe
al options focus on the current educational and strategic priorities of the School following our recent capital campaign. These initiatives will create an immediate impact and you will be able to see your gift in action straightaway. 


SJR's Funding Priorities - Goal:  $300,000

Supporting Current Needs

  • School Prioritized Initiatives
  • Financial Aid Today
  • Innovation Fund

Supporting Endowment

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Campus Renewal
  • Innovation Fund



By supporting current needs, your gift will create an immediate impact and you will be able to see your gift in action.

School-Prioritized Initiatives

This year we will continue to develop creativity across all divisions of the School.  We plan to build upon our MakerSpace initiative to provide greater oppportnities for hands-on applications of 'STEAM' - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, creating experiences for students where they can apply their knowlege in a more hands-on way. 

Financial Aid Today

Giving to this option means that 100% of your gift will help fund financial aid immediately for one of our many deserving families.  Financial Aid Today can also be supported in perpetuity as a gift to the Endowment.

Innovation Fund

At SJR we strive to achieve the highest standards. The Innovation Fund will support ongoing education and training and classroom enrichment so that the School and its faculty may continue to challenge and inspire our students in ways that will innovate and transform the SJR experience.



Gifts made to the endowment are held by the SJR Foundation and remain at SJR in perpetuity.  Funds are invested, with the investment proceeds granted to SJR for the provision of bursaries and scholarships, maintaining our beautiful campus and supporting ongoing education and classroom enrichment throughout the School.


Contact Us 

Ms. Christina Barwinsky ’86, B.A., CFRE     

Director of Advancement   


Funds and Scholarships

  • SJR Innovation Fund

  • School Prioritized Initiatives

  • Supporting Financial Aid Today

  • Endowment

  • Unrestricted

  • SJR Class Endowment Fund

  • Martin Ainley Memorial Fund

  • Martin H. Ainley Alumni Boarding Scholarship Fund

  • Tom Bredin Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Walter Burman Alumni Memorial Boarding Scholarship Fund

  • Dick Gordon Alumni Memorial Boarding Scholarship Fund

  • Richard L. Gordon Scholarship Fund

  • Colin B. Kiddell Scholarship Fund

  • Térèsa Lee Music Scholarship Fund

  • Hugh T. McCracken Scholarship Fund

  • John A. Messenger Scholarship Fund

  • Michael Proudfoot Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • John Schaffter Scholarship Fund

  • Fred Stevenson Prize Fund

  • John F. Waudby Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Norman & Grace Young Alumni Boarding Scholarship Fund