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The SJR Alumni Association (SJRAA) is comprised of over 7,000 alumni from across Canada and around the world.  Contact between members of the Association and the School is maintained through the alumni publication, Focus, newsletters, reunions and gatherings, both on and off campus. 

Membership in the Association shall be granted to all graduates of St. John's College School, of Ravenscourt School and of St. John's-Ravenscourt School; in addition, all students who did not graduate shall be granted membership in the Association provided they attended such School for a period of one (1) year and were in good standing at the time they ceased to be a student.

SJRAA Vision, Mission and Values

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  • Vision

    The SJR Alumni Association mobilizes leadership and innovation through the active engagement of its membership. Through our collective efforts and support, we enhance the School’s status within the local and global communities.
  • Mission

      The SJR Alumni Association provides a unique bridge between the past, present, and future of SJR alumni, students, staff, and ancillary boards. By providing support, we aid the School and assist its students in realizing their full potential as contributing world citizens. We play a vital and integral role in the development of initiatives that will ensure the preservation and celebration of SJR’s history and culture.
    1. Values

      Fellowship amongst SJR Alumni: To engender a feeling of fellowship amongst the former students of St. John's College School, Ravenscourt School and St. John's-Ravenscourt School;

      Lifelong relationship to SJR: To ensure that all Alumni reap the greatest benefit of their School affiliation and are encouraged to contribute to the School to the fullest extent of their ability;

      Continuous engagement: To provide opportunities for involvement in activities which support the School and encourage future grads to support the SJRAA;

      Respect for diverse perspectives: We promote open dialogue and encourage respect for a variety of opinions, values and cultures to best represent the support and interest of our Alumni within the School community;

      A commitment to the local and global community; and

      A commitment to our history and traditions: The vision of Board Members, faculty, operations staff, parents, students, alumni, and benefactors and their commitment to the pursuit of excellence have created the School we see today. It is important for all members of our community to acknowledge and respect the vision and contributions of those who have led the way.
    Our sincere thanks to the following for their support
    of the SJR Alumni Association Patron Program
    for the 2023-2024 school year.

    W.P.G. The Wealth Planning Group Inc.

    Black & McDonald
    GDI Services

    Christopher Bélanger '11
    Ajay Chopra '93
    Cunningham Business Interiors 
    Taylor McCaffrey LLC
    Lawton Partners
    Top Marks 

    Kris Ade '00
    Cubic Earth Society
    Philip Grant '17

    SJR Alumni Association Board

    Board Chair

    Christopher Bélanger ’11 

    Trevor Clay '01 - Past Chair
    Vasili Mattheos '98 - Vice Chair
    Jasper Roadley '17 - Treasurer
    Kris Ade ’00
    Paolo Aquila ’10
    Shaun Babakhanians '01
    Ryan Berry ’98
    Lauren Castagna '23
    Ajay Chopra ’93
    Antonio Cianflone ’11
    Steven Dressler ’14
    Alexandra Johnson ’92
    Jason King '05
    Jenna Lam '21
    Krisi Lambos '17
    Kelsey Thain ’16
    Morgan Wilson ’12
    Nicole Wilson ’13 
    Ex Officio
    Jim Keefe - Head of School
    Christina Barwinsky '86 - Director of Advancement
    Joan Banman Cristo '83 - Alumni Coordinator
    Ayesha (Class of 2024) - Alumni Prefect

    Alumni Prefect Honorary Board Members
    Anthony Leicht '18 
    Ann Bishay '19 
    Sascha Modha '20
    Sahil Mittal '21 
    Eric Tie '22 
    Sarah Sheng '23

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    • Photo of Joan Banman Cristo

      Joan Banman Cristo 83

      Alumni Coordinator
    St. John’s-Ravenscourt School was founded in 1820 principally to serve the children of the Selkirk settlers. By 1834 there were forty students, evenly split between boys and girls. SJR has inevitably grown and changed over the years since, though its success throughout has been unimpeachable. We have graduated 18 Rhodes scholars, for example, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted patronage and established a scholarship in her name in 1981. Today the programs are as strong as our reputation. A strong academic program is paired with an equally strong attention to the values of stewardship, ethical leadership, and excellence in all areas of academic, social and athletic life.