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Standard Vocabulary

Standard Vocabulary Terminology Guide for Archives Catalogue (Destiny)

Prepared By: Calla Grabish, Archivist (2004 - 2021)

List of 5 items.

  • Ravenscourt School Fonds

    • PH - Boarders - Armstrong's Point
    • PH - Building - Exterior - (i.e. Armstrong's Point/ Thomson House/ Gymnasium)
    • PH - Building - Interior - (i.e. Thomson House - Dining Hall/ Thomson House - Library/ Thomson House - Staircase/ Thomson House - Study Room/ Gym)
    • PH - Cadet Corps
    • PH - Executive - Chair - Advisory Council
    • PH - Executive - Chair - Board of Governors
    • PH - Flood - (i.e. Students/ Thomson House/ University of Saskatchewan)
    • PH - Founder - Norman Young - (i.e. Graduation/ Africa/ Wedding/ Ravenscourt School/ Advisory Council/ Headstone)
    • PH - Headmaster - (i.e. N.A.T. Young/ Percy H.A. Wykes/ J. Ogden Turner)
    • PH - Ladies' Guild President's Listing
    • PH - Memorial - World War Two
    • PH - Official Opening - -Thomson House
    • PH - Robert M. Thomson
    • PH - School Captain -
    • PH - Sports - (i.e. Basketball/ Cricket/ Cross Country Skiing/ Football/ Gym/ Hockey/ Lacrosse/ Playing Field/ Rugby/ Ski Week-End/ Sports Day/ Tobogganing/ Track and Field/ Swimming)
    • PH - Staff - (i.e. Jeanne Perreault)
    • PH - Student - (i.e. Arthur Tooley/ Donald Spurgeon McLean/ Frederick Sellers/ George Burbidge/ Gordon Konantz/ Selby Roger Henderson)
    • PH - Students - (i.e. Boarders/ Classrooms/ Field Trip/ Graduates/ Group Portrait/ Outdoors/ Prefects)
    • PH - Students - House - (i.e. Osler/ Stewart/ Stovel)
    • PH - Students - Whole School Group - (i.e. Armstrong's Point/ Thomson House)
    • PH - Students With Teacher
    • PH - Students - -Yearbook Staff
    • PH - Theatrical Production - (i.e. Christmas Carol/ Wappin Wharf)
    • Raven Yearbook(s) (1931-1950)
  • Introduction to Standard Vocabulary Terminology

    This document was developed to assist the researcher in utilizing the correct or as near to the correct lexicon to attain the records required. It must be stated that this project and the terminology used across the Collections is still in progress. Streamlining for an exact Standard Vocabulary across the Collections is the goal. To provide one example. The term Faculty is used in the St. John's College School Fonds while the term Staff is used in the Ravenscourt School Fonds. Because of this inconsistency the Archivist has elected to provide examples of the Standard Vocabulary Terminology located in each Collection, regardless as to whether they are the actual standard term across all the Collections. This terminology will grow as more records are added to Destiny. Please also note the following and the reference as they appear in Destiny:
    • PH -- Photograph
    • TC -- Textile Collection
    • SL -- Slide
    • Textual -- Yearbooks (Black And Gold/ Raven)
  • Mission School Fonds

    • PH - Plan - Red River Settlement
    • PH - Sketch - Church and Mission School
    • PH - Sketch - Founder - Rev. John West
  • Red River Academy Fonds

    • PH - Sketch - Red River Academy
  • St. John's College School Fonds

    • PH - Aerial Photo
    • PH - Alumni - (i.e. Derek Askey/Charles Camsell/Joseph M. Dutton/ William Griesbach)
    • PH - Alumni - College Council (i.e. Honourable Colin Inskter)
    • PH - Building - Exterior - (i.e. St. John's College and School/ St. John's College and Church/Annex/ Hamber Hall/ Hollow/ Indoor Hockey Rink/St. John's Cathedral)
    • PH - Building - Interior - (i.e. Chapel/ Hamber Dining Room/ Hamber Hall Classrooms/ Hamber Hall Library/Study Room/ Indoor Hockey Rink/ New Gymnasium/ Infirmary)
    • PH - Cadet Corps - (i.e. Battalion/ Award of Honour/ Decoration Day/March Past/ Marching Drill/Champions/ Drum and Bugle Band/ Gymnastic Demonstration/Inspections/ Fighting Demonstration/ First Aid Demonstrations/Presentation of King's Colours/ Physical Training/ Signaling Squad/Inspecting Party/ Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers/ Junior/ Senior/ World War 1/ World War II)
    • PH - Faculty - (i.e. Walter Burman, Headmaster)
    • PH - Flood
    • PH - Ladies' Guild
    • PH - Model - Building - Exterior
    • PH - Plaque - (i.e. School Captains/ War Memorial)
    • PH - School Event - Father And Son Banquet
    • PH - Sports - (i.e. Basketball/ Cricket/ Football/ Hockey/ Rowing/ Rugby/ Track and Field)
    • PH - Student - (i.e. Walter Burman/ Andrew Currie/ Styffe Brothers /Group Portrait)
    • PH - Student And Masters - Group Photo
    • PH - Visitor - (i.e. Earl of Bessborough)
    • PH - Yearbook - Black And Gold Staff
    • TC - Emblem
    • The Black And Gold Yearbook(s) (1922-1950)
If an archival document belonging to The Martin H. Ainley Archives Centre is cited in the text of a work, a complete reference to the document is also required. The individual elements of the reference will vary according to the format of the archival document. If an archival document belonging to The Martin H. Ainley Archives Centre is reproduced as an illustration or facsimile, the credit line must, at a minimum, include the name of the author or creator (if known), the words ‘The Martin H. Ainley Archives Centreʼ and the reproduction copy number. This credit line must be placed directly below or beside the reproduction. Any alterations to the image, such as cropping or retouching, must be indicated in the credit line by using the words "detail" or "based on". For use on television, in a film, video, or in a slide presentation, a single credit to The Martin H. Ainley Archives Centre in the acknowledgements is acceptable.
St. John’s-Ravenscourt School was founded in 1820 principally to serve the children of the Selkirk settlers. By 1834 there were forty students, evenly split between boys and girls. SJR has inevitably grown and changed over the years since, though its success throughout has been unimpeachable. We have graduated 18 Rhodes scholars, for example, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted patronage and established a scholarship in her name in 1981. Today the programs are as strong as our reputation. A strong academic program is paired with an equally strong attention to the values of stewardship, ethical leadership, and excellence in all areas of academic, social and athletic life.