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Why Support SJR

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Why Support SJR?

The School we have today exists because of the generosity and support of families who have come before us. As an independent school, we rely on the support of our community to provide resources which help make the School an even better place for all students. Your supports makes it possible for us to sustain and enhance our facilities and grounds, provide financial support to a greater number of deserving students, and create an environment that inspires and enhances the educational experience.

Jim Keefe, Head of School

The SJR community is strong. Together we realized the dream of providing outstanding facilities for today’s students and future generations. It is now time to build upon our existing programs and introduce new opportunities that enhance the learning experience for all students. Thank you.

Annual Giving

Our giving options focus on the current and strategic priorities of the School as well as encouraging ongoing support for the SJR Foundation and the School's endowment.  By supporting our current needs your gift will create an immediate impact and you will be able to see your gift in action straightaway.  Supporting the endowment creates a lasting legacy that will help to support scholarships, financial aid, innovation and campus renewal on an annual basis.

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  • Supporting Current Needs

    Tom Bredin Athletic Centre Revitalization

    The Athletic Centre includes the Reimer Gym, the Riley Fitness Cetnre and the Dutton Memorial Arena.  In 2017, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Arena.  At that time, a facilities review was conducted and we concluded that our ice plant requires signifiant structural work and maintenance.  With an urgent need for remedial work, we explored options that would enable us to rejuvenate Dutton and further enhance our athletic offering, making these facilities inclusive and available to all.
  • Supporting Endowment

    Scholarships        Financial Aid        Innovation Fund           Campus Sustainability

    Providing an Enduring Legacy

    Gifts made to the endowment are held by the SJR Foundation and remaing at SJR in perpetuity.  The SJR Foundation was created in 1962 to manage funds endowed to the School for the provision of scholarships and financial aid, maintaining our beautiful campus and supporting ongonig education and classrom enrighment throughout the School.  The Foundation ensures the Capital is preserved and earns investment invomce to provide a reliable and sustainable annual allocaiton to the School.

    The Innovation Fund supports academic programs with funding for ongoing training and classroom enrichment so that the School and its faculty may contrinue to challenge and inspire our students in ways that will innovate and transform the SJR experience.

    Last year, the Foundation supported 82 academic scholarships and provided financial aid bursaries to 49 deserving students so they could atten the School.  The School comumnity benefits from the inclusion of a wide diversity of students which financial assistancant can help make possible. 

    The Campus Sustainabilty endowment supports the ongoing needs of our beautiful campus and preserves buildings and trees for generations to follow.

  • Unrestricted/Other

    By selecting "other" you can designate your gift to an area not listed. "Unrestricted" allows the School to use your gift in the area of greatest need.

Advancement Team

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  • Photo of Christina Barwinsky

    Christina Barwinsky 86

    Director of Advancement
  • Photo of Joan Banman Cristo

    Joan Banman Cristo 83

    Alumni Coordinator
  • Photo of Calla Grabish

    Calla Grabish 

St. John’s-Ravenscourt School was founded in 1820 principally to serve the children of the Selkirk settlers. By 1834 there were forty students, evenly split between boys and girls. SJR has inevitably grown and changed over the years since, though its success throughout has been unimpeachable. We have graduated 18 Rhodes scholars, for example, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted patronage and established a scholarship in her name in 1981. Today the programs are as strong as our reputation. A strong academic program is paired with an equally strong attention to the values of stewardship, ethical leadership, and excellence in all areas of academic, social and athletic life.