Playing Together

The SJR Band Program is a shared journey that creates meaning through music making. We encourage our students to love music not merely as entertainment or amusement, but for its enabling power to help us connect, respond to, and find joy in one another. Through music, we develop essential life skills including critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, and empathy, which enable us to be better people. We discover how music plays an enormous role in our emotional, intellectual and even physical lives; how music impacts the ways in which we work, behave and feel; how music makes us smile or cry; and most importantly, how music encourages us to create meaningful, personal and lasting relationships with all people.

The SJR Band Program has been busy over the past couple of months. The Middle School Arts Evening played to a packed house in Reimer Gym and featured every Middle School student in a variety of ensemble performances including the debut of our Grade 6 Concert Band. Our Grade 8 Concert Band also performed at the 2019 International Optimist Band Festival and received insightful feedback from a panel of adjudicators. SJR was well represented at the 2019 MBA Solo and Ensemble Festival with a variety of individual performances, as well as the debut performances of two Small Ensembles lead by SJR band students Jiaqi and Shelley. Several Middle and Senior School students are preparing auditions for the Provincial Junior and Intermediate Honour Band Programs, and we are looking forward to the results of their efforts. Our Grade 9 and Senior Concert bands continue to rehearse with joy and purpose while inspiring each other to improve and create something beautiful every time we play.

The SJR Jazz Programs are also busy. Recently, 14 members of our Senior Jazz Program were inspired while attending a jazz workshop off campus. We are in final preparation for performances by both the Intermediate and Senior Jazz Bands at the upcoming 2019 Brandon Jazz Festival. In addition, the Senior Jazz Combo will receive a private session with the Director of Jazz Studies and Dean of Brandon University’s School of Music, Professor Greg Gatien.

Mr. Jeff Johnson, Middle and Senior School Music Teacher
St. John’s-Ravenscourt School was founded in 1820 principally to serve the children of the Selkirk settlers. By 1834 there were forty students, evenly split between boys and girls. SJR has inevitably grown and changed over the years since, though its success throughout has been unimpeachable. We have graduated 18 Rhodes scholars, for example, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted patronage and established a scholarship in her name in 1981. Today the programs are as strong as our reputation. A strong academic program is paired with an equally strong attention to the values of stewardship, ethical leadership, and excellence in all areas of academic, social and athletic life.