Concours d'art oratoire Provincial Finals

Concours d'art oratoire Provincial Finals were held on Saturday, May 4, 2019. Over 7,000 students participated at the school level and only 160 made it to the Provincial Finals.

Participating students (except Impromptu) choose a topic of interest and prepare a speech which must be committed to memory. They are asked two or three questions related directly to the speech by an impartial questioner, who is not involved in the evaluation of the presentation. Students are judged on vocal expression, coherence of speech, presentation, language, choice of topic and formulation of answers.

Congratulations to our five students who did amazingly well in their respective categories.
Félicitations à :
Divya (Grade 9) – 4th in Early Immersion 9 & 10 Category
Guoria (Grade 11) – 2nd in Impromptu 11 & 12 Category
Maddy (Grade 11) – 1st in French: Communication and Culture, Extended 11 & 12 Category
Rhea (Grade 9) – 1st in French: Communication and Culture 9 & 10 Category
Lillian (Grade 12) – 4th in Français 11 & 12 Category

Maddy and Guoria were both awarded a $1,000 bursary for l’Université de Saint-Boniface and will go to Ottawa to represent Manitoba by competing in the National Concours d’art oratoire in June 2019.

Quelle belle performance au Concours d’art oratoire ! Un grand bravo à tout le monde!
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