2018-2019 Debating Successes

Here is a summary of our SJR debating successes during the 2018-2019 academic year:
Provincial Events

Asper Cup (the provincial British Parliamentary Debate Championships)
  • Arshia (Grade 12) and Alykhan (Grade 12) placed first.
  • Six of the top 10 teams were from SJR.
Angus Reid Debate Tournament
  • Arshia placed first.
  • Seven of the top 10 competitors were from SJR.
The Blaikie Cup
  • Arshia and Alykhan placed first.
Jr Novice Provincial Debating Championships
  • Poppy (Grade 7) and Whitney (Grade 7) placed first.
Provincial Debating Championships
  • Owen (Grade 12) and Alykhan placed first.
  • Maddy (Grade 11) and Lilian (Grade 11) placed second.
  • Arshia & Jonah (Grade 11) placed third.
  • Arjun (Grade 12) & Anya (Grade 10) placed fourth.
  • SJR had eight of the top 10 competitors.
Jr Provincial Debating Championships
  • Penelope (Grade 9) and Montserrat (Grade 9) placed first.
  • Rhea (Grade 9) and Aliya (Grade 9) placed second.
  • Keegan (Grade 9) and Rohan (Grade 9) placed third.
  • Ava (Grade 9) and Danae (Grade 9) placed fifth.
  • Lucy (Grade 9) and Dylan (Grade 9) placed seventh.
  • SJR had seven of the top eight individual debaters.
Jr Provincial Public Speaking Championships
  • Aliya placed first.
  • Keegan placed second.
  • Danae placed third.
  • Penelope placed fifth.
  • SJR had six of the top 10 competitors.
  • In the individual categories, Penelope won Impromptu Speaking and Aliya won Persuasive Speaking.
Provincial Jr British Parliamentary Debate Championships
  • Keegan and Penelope placed first.
  • Aliya and Rhea placed second.
  • Ava and Danae placed third.
  • Alexa (Grade 8) and Lacey (Grade 8) placed fifth.
  • Lucy and Dylan (Grade 9) placed sixth.
  • Nine of the top 10 individuals were from SJR.
In addition to the provincial events listed above, SJR teams won a number of local tournaments such as Acadia.
National and International Events
Jr National Public Speaking Championships
  • Aliya placed second.
  • Danae placed sixth.
  • Penelope placed twelfth.
National Public Speaking Championships
  • Owen, Lillian, Tia (Grade 11), Maddy and Arjun were all finalists.
  • Lillian won the National Championships.
  • Owen was eighth in the country.
  • Maddy was ninth in the country.
International Public Speaking Championships
  • Maddy and Alykhan were in two of three finals.
  • Lillian was in all three finals, won the Persuasive Speaking Category and placed second overall.
  • Maddy won Extemporaneous Speaking.
International Debating Competition at Cambridge University in England
  • Penelope and Keegan represented Canada and did an outstanding job, placing second in a split decision in the final.
World Championships in Toronto
  • Maddy, Owen and Lillian qualified and all did very well.
  • Lillian made the finals in and Maddy won the World Championships in Impromptu Speaking.
St. John’s-Ravenscourt School was founded in 1820 principally to serve the children of the Selkirk settlers. By 1834 there were forty students, evenly split between boys and girls. SJR has inevitably grown and changed over the years since, though its success throughout has been unimpeachable. We have graduated 18 Rhodes scholars, for example, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted patronage and established a scholarship in her name in 1981. Today the programs are as strong as our reputation. A strong academic program is paired with an equally strong attention to the values of stewardship, ethical leadership, and excellence in all areas of academic, social and athletic life.