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Schulich Leader Scholarship

We are proud to announce that Ryan (Grade 12) has been selected as a Schulich Leader at McGill University, securing a prominent scholarship worth $120,000, in recognition of his exceptional achievements. Ryan's dedication to STEM subjects and his performance have earned him this remarkable opportunity. 

Notably, Ryan's talent and expertise were evident when he participated in the Canadian Association of Physicists High School Prize Exam, where he achieved outstanding results. Placing first in Manitoba and ranking 13th in the country, Ryan's stellar performance showcases his exceptional aptitude in the field of physics. 
As Executive on Student Council, Ryan has demonstrated his remarkable leadership skills which made him an ideal candidate for the esteemed Schulich Leader program. He serves as an inspiration and mentor to his peers, cultivating a positive atmosphere within the school community. Ryan's unwavering dedication to leadership played a pivotal role in attainment of this highly regarded scholarship. 

The Schulich Scholarship perfectly aligns with Ryan's interests and aspirations. Combining business with science, this scholarship offers him the ideal platform to merge his passion for sharing his work with his academic pursuits. 

As he embarks on his journey at McGill, Ryan will be pursuing a degree in software engineering, fueled by his love for technology. In addition to his academic pursuits, Ryan is excited to join an engineering team at the university, where he aspires to actively contribute to the creation of innovative solutions. Additionally, Ryan's enthusiasm extends to extracurricular activities, including playing ultimate frisbee for the university. 
Ryan's accomplishments serve as a testament to his unwavering dedication, hard work, and exemplary leadership abilities. His achievement as a Schulich Leader not only inspires our entire school community but also encourages us all to strive for excellence. 

Congratulations, Ryan, on this remarkable achievement! As you embark on this new chapter at McGill University, we look forward to hearing of your future success as you continue to excel in both your academic and personal endeavors. 
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